Using a Milk Frother to Make Latte and Hot Chocolate

With a milk frother, it is so easy to make creamy lattes and hot chocolate drinks.These days, drinking lattes and hot chocolate at places like Starbucks and Costa has become the norm. If we don’t have the time or forget to have our morning tea or coffee in the morning, we can always grab one on the way to work.

There are still people out there that are very organised and make their own hot drinks at home before work and in the evening on a cold winter day. This is usually done with an expensive coffee machine or manually using a milk steamer. Unfortunately, not every one can afford an expensive machine while some people don’t like the manual aspect of whisking milk.

The good thing is that we can use a milk frother to make your hot drink aerated and full of froth. To use this efficiently to make a latte, you won’t need to do much. You’ll have to get some coffee and milk. You’ll also need a microwave and a milk frother, which can be bought for a cheap price at almost every department store.

Making Lattes and Hot Chocolate

The process of making the drink is very easy. You’ll simply need to warm the milk in a microwave. You need to note that this needs to be warmed and not boiled. Of course, before putting it in the microwave, you need to put in sugar if you want to.

Once it’s been taken out of the microwave, you need to run it through the frother. This will create a lot of froth and aeration on the top. The next step is to add hot coffee prepared separately into the cup of frothed milk. Once this step is completed, your delicious hot drink will be ready and it’ll look like you’ve done a professional job.

Obviously the main problem is the milk frother itself. I say problem because not many people have this machine in their homes. It’s certainly not a very common appliance. If you are looking to buy one then it might be worth looking at different milk frother models in detail before getting one.

As mentioned before, this will generally be quite affordable so you shouldn’t really have any issue.

If you do end up getting one, you can be confident that it’s something that will be really handy to have around in your kitchen. This is because you’ll be able to make a delicious hot drink within a few minutes.

Saving Money on Coffee

The same drink would probably cost a bit at a coffee shop. This means that you’ll be saving money both ways, by not buying an expensive automatic machine and also by not spending too much on drinks in shops.

Another positive factor about this is that it’s something that you’ll be making at home. This means that you know exactly what’s going in your coffee or hot chocolate. You just never know what those big coffee chains like Starbucks put in their drinks.

This would also be advantageous when you’re trying to monitor the total number of calories being consumed on a daily basis.

If you do get a milk frother and try it to make coffee then please do let me know what you think!

The Best Soup Maker That I Have Ever Bought

Soup is a very popular snack/meal in the UK. Some times, I even buy ready-made pots to have for lunch. But I’m usually wary of how much processing these go through. Obviously tinned soup and soup in cartons are very simple to make and are extremely convenient to have at home. However, I would much prefer to buy fresh ingredients to make my own soup at home. Let’s face it, making soup is far better than buying it from the supermarket. It’s a healthy meal and if you make it yourself, you’ll have that confidence that there’s nothing processed in it. On top of this, you can try different recipes and experiment with different flavors, spices, meats and ingredients in general.

In order to do this efficiently, I’ve had to try different soup maker models. For me personally, the best product is one that makes delicious soup in very little time. However, I always buy an appliance if it’s easy to use. What’s the point of buying electrical appliances that are so complicated that it takes 15 minutes to work out what button you’ve just pressed?

At this stage, you’re probably wondering what is the best soup maker I’ve come across so far?

Different Types of Soup Making Machines

There are lots of different products available but I tend to go with the kettle-type. This has it’s own drawbacks but the heating function is excellent and the end-results have almost always been very impressive. My personal favourite model is the Morphy Richards 48822. I’ve found that this is the best when it comes to making a tasty hot bowl of soup without requiring too much time. Obviously before you choose a soup maker for yourself, it’s a good idea to do your research and a good place to start would be this ReviewInsider guide: What is the Best Soup Maker in 2015?

In regards to my Morphy Richards 48822, the capacity is 1.6 litres, which is usually enough for 4 people. That’s perfect for me because there are 4 of us in the family. As I mentioned above, the most important aspect of buying an appliance like this is that it’s simple to use and this is extremely easy to use. All I ever need to do is to cut and chop the ingredients of my recipe and throw them into the machine. Following this, I just need to add the liquid up to the mark. There are different settings on the front and you can usually choose between a soup of smooth consistency or a slightly thicker consistency with bits. I usually use both of these settings depending on my mood. After completing each step, the soup takes only about 20 to 30 minutes to prepare and I’m ready to drink. The best part about this is that it’s absolute delicious and feels extremely fresh.

Using Ingredients

Sometimes I add meat too. However, one thing to note is that meat has to be cooked separately before being added to the soup making machine. Of course, I can’t expect the meat to cook in the machine so I have no complaints regarding this. I think in general, the ease of usability, the performance and price makes the Morphy Richards 48822 soup maker as the best I have ever owned. Sometimes the soup comes out a bit thicker so I just use the blend button to reduce the thickness a little bit. These functions have really impressed me and I don’t think I’ve found any bad points about this product yet. Of course, some people might not like the fact that you can’t really see what’s happening inside as the soup is being made but I don’t see this as much of an issue.

The Morphy Richards 48822 is easily the best soup maker that I've ever used.

In general, at a time when the weather is freezing cold, all you ever want is to come home from work and warm yourself up with a delicious bowl of freshly home-made soup and this is the perfect soup maker that allows me to do that. I love the way there aren’t any saucepans or other inconvenient appliances involved! I do believe that Morphy Richards have brought out some updated versions of the 48822 but mine’s still going strong so I’ve got no reason to buy another one.

Try Making This Red Lentil Soup In A Slow Cooker

If you’ve had enough of meat, I think it’s time to try vegetable-based protein foods like legumes more specifically, lentils. These are very common in South Asian countries and provide a wonderful alternative to meat protein. Due to the fact that they are unprocessed, lentils will be suitable part of any healthy diet. On top of this, the flavour usually ensures that you can make a wide range of dishes based in lentils. This versatility combines wonderfully well with the health benefits and the relatively short preparation time.

When dealing with lentils, the tricky part is to choose which one because there are lots of different types available. For example, you can get green, red, yellow, brown lentils and many more. The red and yellow ones are usually split and disintegrate quite well and this makes them ideal for use in soups.

There is a red lentil soup recipe that I love and try to make on a regular basis. The advantage of red lentils in this case is the unique sweet taste and also the fact that you don’t need to presoak them before making the soup. This makes the entire process simple!

This red lentil soup turned out really tasty in the slow cooker.

We need some red lentils and vegetable broth. In addition to this, we need carrots cut into small pieces, sliced tomatoes, tomato paste, an onion and garlic cloves. We also need some spices and these come in the form of basil, thyme, cumin, black pepper and some salt to finish it off. All of these ingredients will need to be placed into a slow cooker to cook for up to 8 hours on a low setting. Alternatively, you could buy a good quality soup maker, which makes the process a lot easier and quicker. Anyway, if you’re using a slow cooker, you’re amazingly delicious red lentil soup will be ready to serve after the suggested time. You can add different sauces to this in order to change the taste according to your specific taste though you might need a few tries before you find the right combination.