Dairy Free and Sugar Free Raspberry Cheesecake

My latest effort to get healthier involves getting all the sugar out of my diet and cutting way back on carbohydrates.

However, I had some Tofutti cream cheese in the fridge and was really in the mood for a dessert. I know the ketogenic people don’t approve of dairy substitutes but I’m allergic to dairy, so a compromise was in order. Having studied various health blogs, I knew that most desserts were sweetened with Erythritol and Stevia.

I’ve been trying out different recipes for cheesecakes and wanted to try a fruit based one that would be sugar free, dairy free and low in carbs. I was making my cheesecakes with a crust made of crushed, gluten-free Pamela’s cookies. But those are full of carbs, so they were not an option. I finally decided to make a cookie crust using this chocolate chip cookie recipe. The only thing I changed was that I used Earth Balance instead of real butter and I added some vanilla flavoured liquid stevia.

This Cheesecake recipe is dairy free and sugar free.

I was worried that the stevia would make it bitter, but it turned out fine. Since I was making a crust instead of small cookies, the baking time was longer and I had to check it every few minutes. I tasted pinches of the cookie crust and it was very good, buttery and a bit sweet. However, I didn’t realise just how much batter the recipe would make, so it was a very thick crust. I would recommend halving the recipe for a nice, thin, cheesecake crust.

I also didn’t want big chocolate chips in my crust, so next time, I will leave them out and add some more vanilla instead. Or, perhaps I’ll try adding in some lemon extract!

For the filling, I used a homemade cheesecake recipe that my grandmother taught me. When I made this filling before, I felt it tasted a bit too buttery, so I only used about 1/2 cup of coconut oil this time.

The filling was a bit softer, but fine. Instead of using the peanut butter in the original recipe, I substituted half a cup of pureed raspberries with a bit of lemon juice. Instead of using liquid sweetener, I subbed 2/3 cup of Erythritol, which turned out sweet enough for my taste.

Being the impatient person I am, I tried a slice after two hours in the fridge. It was nice, but I wasn’t blown away. I decided to let it sit overnight and tried it again when I got home from work the following day. Wow, it was so tasty, sweet, buttery and rich. I really enjoyed it and the lesson here is that you really have to give cheesecake 24 hours in order for the flavours to develop.

Desserts That You Can Still Eat While On A Diet

Dessert is probably the best part of a meal. The sweet taste is the perfect ending to the meal and a long day. No wonder we all get cravings to satisfy our sweet tooth towards the end of the day. Most people can have as many desserts as they want but weight-conscious people are constantly torn inside as they resist their favorite desserts. Thankfully, there are some desserts that we can still enjoy even if we’re trying to be strict about what we eat.

One of these is a sweet potato pudding. We’re all aware of how nutrient-rich a sweet potato is and this is the most important reason to include it in our diet. It provides us with plenty of vitamins and lots of fibre. You can make a sweet potato pudding by grabbing a recipe on the Internet and let me promise you that it’s absolutely delicious. You’ll really love the creamy texture.

Chia protein pudding is another dessert you can have when you’ve got a close eye on the calories being consumed. Chia seeds are extremely popular these days and hold many nutrients such as fibre, protein and plenty of healthy fats. The unique thing about these is that they form a gel-like substance when in contact with liquid. If you add some protein powder and organic cacao powder then you can be sure that you’ll be getting a very healthy dessert.

Cobbler made from berries is another healthy alternative for desserts. This can come out extremely tasty and is usually very easy to make, which is always a bonus. Normally, we use white flour to make cobbler however, to make this healthier cobbler, you can substitute the white flour for gluten-free flour. Berries will also be advantageous, as they will contain natural sugars along with antioxidants and lots of vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body.

With the right ingredients, Cobbler can actually be a healthy dessert.

Once again, these are just three healthier alternatives for desserts. There are plenty of more recipes available if you looked hard enough and I urge you to do exactly this!

I would also recommend trying out this recipe for dairy free and sugar free raspberry cheesecake. It tastes absolutely delicious and is quite healthy as well.

Breakfast Ideas That Are Packed With Protein

You might have heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While this is true to a certain extent, we’ve been doing it all wrong. The truth is that having a protein-packed breakfast is far more efficient than a breakfast full of carbohydrates. The protein can actually suppress hormones that cause hunger. But the main question is how can you make a breakfast that is high in protein and low in carbs?

One way is to be creative and combine lots of ingredients that you would consider as being healthy. For example, instead of having a full bowl of unhealthy cereal in the morning, why not combine some bran cereal with Greek yoghurt and chopped almonds. The Greek yoghurt and the almonds will provide that added protein that’ll make your day.

French toast used to be a common item in any breakfast menu. While, this popularity has gone down a bit, you can use it to have a breakfast filled with protein. This can be done by using a slice of whole-grain bread and then using a normal egg. You can also use spices like cinnamon to add extra flavour to the French toast. The final serving can be done alongside something like plain yoghurt, something that’ll provide a lot of protein.

Omelettes have always been popular here in the UK and an egg will provide a lot of protein. However, one way to make this breakfast even tastier and healthier is to add lots of different vegetables. You can add all sorts of vegetables like mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes. If protein from a single egg isn’t good enough then why not use egg whites from 4 eggs and discard the yolks. Egg whites are the parts of the egg that provide the protein and so would significantly increase the protein content of the omelette. If you don’t know how to make eggs properly, you need to read this post.

This is a great way to significantly increase the protein content of your breakfast omelette.

I’ve helped you to find three breakfast recipes that will significantly increase the protein content in the morning. There are a lot of other recipes that can help you to this even more.