Try Making This Red Lentil Soup In A Slow Cooker

If you’ve had enough of meat, I think it’s time to try vegetable-based protein foods like legumes more specifically, lentils. These are very common in South Asian countries and provide a wonderful alternative to meat protein. Due to the fact that they are unprocessed, lentils will be suitable part of any healthy diet. On top of this, the flavour usually ensures that you can make a wide range of dishes based in lentils. This versatility combines wonderfully well with the health benefits and the relatively short preparation time.

When dealing with lentils, the tricky part is to choose which one because there are lots of different types available. For example, you can get green, red, yellow, brown lentils and many more. The red and yellow ones are usually split and disintegrate quite well and this makes them ideal for use in soups.

There is a red lentil soup recipe that I love and try to make on a regular basis. The advantage of red lentils in this case is the unique sweet taste and also the fact that you don’t need to presoak them before making the soup. This makes the entire process simple!

This red lentil soup turned out really tasty in the slow cooker.

We need some red lentils and vegetable broth. In addition to this, we need carrots cut into small pieces, sliced tomatoes, tomato paste, an onion and garlic cloves. We also need some spices and these come in the form of basil, thyme, cumin, black pepper and some salt to finish it off. All of these ingredients will need to be placed into a slow cooker to cook for up to 8 hours on a low setting. Alternatively, you could buy a good quality soup maker, which makes the process a lot easier and quicker. Anyway, if you’re using a slow cooker, you’re amazingly delicious red lentil soup will be ready to serve after the suggested time. You can add different sauces to this in order to change the taste according to your specific taste though you might need a few tries before you find the right combination.


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