How to Make Eggs the Right Way

Eggs are a kind of food that would go well with pretty much every other. Most of us just make the standard fried egg and eat it just for the sake of eating. However, making eggs the right way could make you see the world with a whole new light. The truth is that eggs cooked with a proper technique not only taste better but they also look a lot better and thus deemed worthy of any Instagram food-related post (if you ever needed any more of those)!

When it comes to scrambled eggs, the best thing to do is separate the yolks and the egg whites before cooking. This can be done easily by using a rubber spatula. We often let the eggs overcook but the key is to pull them out just before you think they’re done. This means that they’ll be a bit softer and creamier rather than dry.

Another thing you can do differently is to fry the eggs in olive oil. This will not only be healthier but also will give off a golden fried appearance.

As mentioned before, eggs can go well with any other food. One example of this would be to top it up on pizza or fry an egg and keep the yolk runny. You can use this runny yolk as sauce with any other food. For example, this goes really well with a steak.

When it comes to boiled egg, sometimes these can be overcooked which leads to the yolks being quite dry. You can prevent this from happening by putting your eggs in cold water. These can then be boiled up, then covered and removed.

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